Maryland: Governor O’Malley's "Common Sense" Will Leave You Defenseless
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Thread: Maryland: Governor O’Malley's "Common Sense" Will Leave You Defenseless

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    Postak Maryland: Governor O’Malley's "Common Sense" Will Leave You Defenseless

    Anti-gun Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley (D) released a statement yesterday that should alarm all law-abiding gun owners in the Old Line State.  O'Malley  announced that he will be pushing a broad gun control package through the Maryland General Assembly as soon as possible.  His proposal is packed with attacks on your Second Amendment rights and hunting heritage that O’Malley claims are “common sense.”  However, these anti-gun proposals have been tried in the past and have been resounding failures across the country.  According to the Brady Campaign's national ranking of state gun control laws, Maryland is the seventh "best" (most restrictive) in the nation BEFORE this legislation is considered.  O’Malley’s proposal ignores the fact that criminals simply do not obey gun bans, register their firearms or comply with any gun control schemes.   As a result, only law-abiding citizens will comply and be left defenseless. 


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    They want to make criminals out of everyone that doesn't think or believe like they do. Gun control is just the beginning, make elected uphold the oath the took to protect the constitution.

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