Vermont State Senator Introduces Legislation to Ban Commonly Owned Semi-Automatic Fir
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Thread: Vermont State Senator Introduces Legislation to Ban Commonly Owned Semi-Automatic Fir

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    Postak Vermont State Senator Introduces Legislation to Ban Commonly Owned Semi-Automatic Fir

    State Senator and Majority Leader Philip Baruth has jumped on the bandwagon of exploiting the Connecticut tragedy by introducing legislation that will only affect law-abiding gun owners.  Instead of concentrating on meaningful measures relating to school safety, mental health issues, marketing of violence as entertainment for our children, and the collapse of federal prosecutions of violent criminals, Senator Baruth has introduced Senate Bill 32.  This would outlaw the manufacture, possession, sale and transfer of thousands of popular semi-automatic firearms and would also ban ammunition magazines which hold more than ten rounds.


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    I heard a rumor that this bill was withdrawn, not sure if true yet.

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    Yup,,, It's confirmed,, they pulled the bill,, there was so many petition's sent in two weeks time,,,,(over 60K signatures I heard),,, they really didn't have much choice but to ,,,,if they ever wanted to hold office any longer,, the sportsmen , gun owners and vets of this state really stepped up to the plate and got it done.

    The governor was at the sportsman's show this week end and he was 2 booths down from of one of our booths that I was manning and I saw at least 20 people come right straight to the governor and really gave it to him,,,, both barrels. There was one 4 tour ,,,Iraq /Afghanistan 10th Mt Div vet there that really gave it to him with no beating around the bush. In his face and personal,,, he really gave it to him. Even the Governor's escort backed down,, ,,,when the vet told that plain cloths guy where to go,, and he,, the vet,,, warned him to back off if he knew what was good for him. It almost got nasty till about 20 other vets (I found out later) ,, myself included,, all came up and stood right next to the Iraq vet when the plain cloths guy started getting aggressive with him.

    The governor didn't go much further than maybe 15 booths total down the first line and he was so swamped with people bitching him out. After that confrontation they ended up slipping out the very first side door they found at the Expo Center,, I think the Governor really found out where the sportsmen ,gun owners and vets around here stand on this,,,,the governor was schooled that day,,, in no uncertain terms.

    It was a thing of beauty I tell ya,,,solidarity still works and I couldn't be more proud of all my brothers that stood there together that day,, side by side again,,,,,,just as we always have. I"m proud of every single one of them. Almost every guy there had on either a WW11, Korea, Nam ,Iraq, Afghanistan,,, vet hats on,, I think the Gov. got the message,,,, quickly !!!

    You guys can do it too if you all stand together,, don't back down and get busy in your own states. This ain't no game folks,, this is the real deal,,, right now!!!! Mobilize every vet and like minded person you know or we won't have any rights at all. Rant Off ,,, for now!!!!!

    Stay on top of every politician in your state and don't give them a moments peace and confront them every chance you get. It really can work.

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    Thats Awesome, I cant wait to hear more of this running around.

    I ll be in the fight this wknd if they have a similar situation ...

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