Gun control advocates giving up on the term
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Thread: Gun control advocates giving up on the term

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    Postak Gun control advocates giving up on the term

    The phrase "gun control" may be disappearing from the American debate, jettisoned by the very people who have long favored gun control.Initiatives are now described as attempts to promote "gun safety" or prevent "criminal access to guns" or pass "gun violence legislation."


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    I don't care what they call it !, it is still gun control, if it involves how many guns you may have , or want to purchase, or restrict firearms that have been available to citizans
    to purchase ands then the govermenent says no you can't have them that is gun control! so all the fienstiens . cuomo's and all other gun grabbing idoits can kiss my A**
    I say that everyone from every state should start looking into the backgrounds of thier political representives, and see how many ethical violations they have racked up. Not to mention the misuse of tax payers dollars IE- Pelosi abusing Airforce Jet to go flying around and ordering expensive booze for her trips) and get these morons out of office, its time for the citizans of this country, to stop listening to the BS of the Elected officals, we do not work for them ,,THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING FOR US! and its just as if you have your own business, if an employee cant ddo the job fire his or her ass. we have enough dead weight in this country, from the illegals that obama let stay in this country, which is a crock off bull. Everyone should fight this to get these people deported and start impeachment proceedings against the President for breaking the law....Doc

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    you can call a turd a rose but it still stinks!

    gun safety/gun control = same thing

    socialism/gun safety/communism --it is all for our own good!

    says the administration and the media!

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