New York: Court orders names redacted in gun database
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Thread: New York: Court orders names redacted in gun database

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    A state appellate court ruled Tuesday that the home addresses of gun permit holders and hate crime victims must be redacted from databases released under the state's Freedom of Information Law.The case stemmed from several requests for data that The New York Times filed in 2010 with the New York Police Department. The city denied the requests, but in November 2011, a lower court directed the department to provide the data with the addresses.


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    This is a massive invasion of privacy, But then again what would you expect from NYS anyway, its quickly becomming the east coast kommifornia. About 30 years if aPolice officer in NYS stopped you and found you to be carring a weapon, and you did not have your permit on your person, and you informed the officer you left your permit home, the officer would take your weapon for safe keeping,( unless they knew you personally or you could name a police officer in that jerisdiction who could vouch that you indeed had a license to carry then you were ok, if not you just went and got your permit and went back to the police department show your permit and get your weapon back no worries.) Here is a little known fact about New York State and pistol permits. the majority of them are refused it is not a shall issue state no matter what they say. Police officers in the State of New York ( unless its been changed) do not need a permit! they purchase thier weapons by the badge, meaning all they have to do is show thier Police Issue badge and Police identifaction, and poof out the door you go, with your brand new weapon, Its been a long time since I was in that rat hole state. (So a few of the laws may have been changed.) also back ion the day even if yuo had a permit you just cant go and buy and carry, NYS has thier own little little nazi system, you go and purchase your handgun, take the information to the pistol permit bearu and then you have a small waiting peroids while they update your permit, If you are caught carrying a weapon that is not on your permit this can cause you to loose your permit and gun rights under nys law.Hell one of my friends who has his ny permit, had seven sheets attached to his this list all the weapons he can carry and owns and is in the datat base in the county for which his permit was issuded. Ny State will try and deny your right to carry a weapon if they can find one shred of evidence against you, even if a person pops up in a data base that isnt you, but most of the information that professionals gather is 100% fool proof ( MY ASS!!!) you will be denied a permit for a handgun until you can prove other wise, that the person they claim is you with a negitive history, is in fact not you.And just some information to fellow 2nd amendment citizans that maybe planning a trip to the big apple, Call and check with the chief of police's office or pistol permit division that is handled by the sheriffs departmenets in all counties, unless it has changed which I doubt! there is no retroprocity of permits from other states NY will not except them, Hell NYC wont even accept a permit from anywhere from upstate New York. talk about not trusting your own citizans. However once again police are difrfrent a visiting police officer just has to check in with a local police department where he is or she is visiting and show thier credentials, its duly noted and away you go.
    Now as far as names and addresses being released for permit holders, that is in fact a no-no, the Police agency is in fact placing your life in harms way by releasing this information. If anything were to happen, such as a home invasion robbery, or buglerym and your weapons are stolen or your hurt or even worse even killed. The agency that released your information is responsible and liable for what ever happens to you as a result of releasing this informationBut remember you only have 90 days to sue a state goverment in any legal action where as most other law suit cases in New Yiork State You have 2.5 years to file your claim. If were myself Id would check to see if my name was released and if it was, Id be suing thier ass off, The State has no right to release your private information regarding what firarms you own. unless you were a bad boy or girl and the local DA slaps you with a case then its perfactly ok for them to do so.IE - John Smith of 1234 john street was arrrested for brandshing a handgun in public, then its all open ands they will run you into the ground,making you look like public enemy number 1. One thing that is funny I do know somwone that owned a building in NYS, and it was his legal address for when he got his permit, the funny thing now is that this location is used for special police operations of Narcotics and a few other specialized divisons of the police agency. So if anyone tries something there they will be in for a big surprise!
    Our state here in washington is contacting the white house and stated that we will not be following thier new laws and BS for weapons. And to boot a small city here in washington state, receiently had a gun buy back program, and unless the citizan states he wants that weapon destroyed! the weapons are turned in to a Licensed FFL dealer, for credit for weapons and ammunition for that department, One good point is that the weapon is not destroyed, and that it can be resold to a law abading citizan. The down side if that weaon is nt cleared properly, sucjh as if its used in a homicide, this can come back to bite the purchaser in the ass. If this gun is not cleared and removed from the data base. Gun laws as we know vary from state to state, But New York is more like nazi germany.Every citizan in the state of New York who is old enough to own firarms should start a suit against Cuomo for violating your second amendment rights. Prtest, march on albany do what you have to do. to get that bill the libitard cumo enacted and while you all are at thorow that bum out of office along with the rest of his anti social gun grabbing mongers,,,,Doc

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