The State of the Union gun grab
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Thread: The State of the Union gun grab

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    Postak The State of the Union gun grab

    President Obama's State of the Union speech Tuesday was carefully staged to promote his gun grabbing second term agenda. Arrangements were made so TV cameras would pan to the faces of victims of gun violence in the House galleries. Emotional drama, as opposed to reasoned argument, is the primary weapon in the administration's campaign to undermine a fundamental constitutional right.


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    Obama forgot one major Statement while he was using the names of the dead ,to further
    launch his political adjunda to violate second amenment citizans rights. He obama sayed this person gets a vote ! and gabby giffords gets a vote, And the most importiant thing he forgot, which he didnt foget he left it out on purpose !!! American Gun Owners get a vote!!!....Doc

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    yep i heard him blame guns a couple times--but he totally forgot to mention the gangs.drug dealers, and recently released convicts who pulled the trigger on the chicago teenagers--

    yep it is a problem when criminals get guns so lets get the CRIMINALS off the streets rather than trying to regulate the tax paying citizens private property.

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