New York: An Event You Donít Want to Miss
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Thread: New York: An Event You Donít Want to Miss

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    NRA President David Keene to Speak at NYSRPA Lobby Day and Rally on February 28th in Albany!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunco View Post
    NRA President David Keene to Speak at NYSRPA Lobby Day and Rally on February 28th in Albany!

    I do hope that NYS gets thier nose s rubbed in the shit that they pulled! As far as I am concern these politicans who rush bills through in the middle of the night without the People having a say in the matter ( this is for any state not just NY) This basically is political bullying and Grandstanding ""stating see hhat I did ! You guys can do this too! all Political bulshit) they want sheep whom do not fight back, or will not question anything. I do believe those days are over with. NY and Calf citizans need to watch these political representives very ,very closely, also look up everything these people have done use the Freedom of information act. to get what you want. and heres a clue,. Lets just say its on a voting record of a bill and you wanted the whole session to see what has occured in rthe meeeting you have a right to know.two of the major obsticals in this . is that if it involves lawenforecement on say a federal level. they can deny it by just saying it s a current investigation or the biggie itds a matter of National Security, If you request anything from the goverment that would not justfy a National Security Act. And yu get a response stating that uor request cannot be granted due to the Fact This matter You have requested by the freedom of Information Act. Beware something is rotten in washington and it usally is anyway! New yorkers need to kuck out all the politicans whom gave violated thier rights , Gillibrand, schumer, cuomo, etc, You guys need to get angry and show albany that you will not put up with thier lying bullshit. Get a bunch of people together, get a protest permit! this is a must of you get arrested for Unlawfull Assembley!!! and that you dont want. Show theese people that the Citizans of New York is the Boss not the elected officals, they were elected by the people and for the people to represent them as the citizans wnat to be represented they are supposed to be your voice!!! they are not there to have a good ole boys and girls club. with these kind of politicans in office the only things that will happen is you will be broker working more, and the politicans wil take more time off and gert fatter and ricjer off the backs of the publu]ic taxpayer! Now is a good time to show them who is the boss and who is the employee! Do everything legally do not take any shortcuts! and no matter how angry you get! use it in a positive way by digging and digging into the representives that you sent to albany or washington for that matter look up all thier records. If you think you are mad now wait until you read what these people have done with your money, and what they plan to do , pay close atention to what they say, You will catch them in a lie quicker than your own child. Now is the time to be proactive. The Goverment thinks we are stupid and need thier guidence, show them how wrong they were to assume that the know what is best for everyone... Doc

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