Feinstein gun bill confusing, unnecessary
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Thread: Feinstein gun bill confusing, unnecessary

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    Postak Feinstein gun bill confusing, unnecessary

    If you took exactly the same guns and added an adjustable stock, a threaded barrel, or a pistol grip, they would, according to Feinstein, become "dangerous military-style assault weapons." The absurdity of such distinctions highlights the folly of gun control based on scary looks and arbitrary definitions.


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    This woman is crazied in the mind ..... Now she needs a doc for her metal health issues ...

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    I dont know how this granny gun-grabber keeps getting into office, but the people of califorina have to get a clue and get her out of office, and take the rest of the gun grabbing twits with her! this should be done in every state. and just to further a point any politican who says they are pro gun and then, goes the opposit way to violate anyones constitutional rights, should automatically be removed from office, that should be a manditory condition of being elected into public office ...Doc

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