New York: Gov. Cuomo and Anti-Gun Legislators Admit SAFE ACT Mistakes - But Continue
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Thread: New York: Gov. Cuomo and Anti-Gun Legislators Admit SAFE ACT Mistakes - But Continue

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    Postak New York: Gov. Cuomo and Anti-Gun Legislators Admit SAFE ACT Mistakes - But Continue

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) and state legislative leaders have now publicly admitted mistakes in their rush to pass what is arguably the worst gun control law in the country – the SAFE ACT. After intense public pressure, the state’s chief executive and lawmakers discussed including amendments to the SAFE Act this week during the state budget negotiations. Specifically, much of the focus was on the seven-round magazine limit. However, the prospects for making the law more lenient disappeared when a rough budget agreement was reached this week. Many of the provisions of the SAFE Act are set to take effect April 15.


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    after Cuomo pulled his anti-gun crap and violated everyones rights, I had a conversation
    with more than 10 of my friends, who still reside in NY State who are into building thier own firarms etc. and they always go by the book.and they pay heavy taxes to NY state, and are successfull and own thier own bussiness's to boot. 99 percent of them are closing up shop and leaving NY State. Matter of Fact one friend of mine will be out of ny within 2 weeks. He is so pissed at the sneaky politics of ny state, and how they write shit into law in the middle of the night, that they know will violates someones rights eathier civil or constitunional. my one friend who ows a bussiness is laying off 25 people,but is giving them three weeks severence pay, and an offer to come to the new place once its set up.( and he also the ind of boos that if you are having a problem if you go to him he will help you out ! Many bussiness are going to close down in NY state and in those states that are following cuomo right off the cliff. remember NY will have to find a way to make up that revinue. and thier is no way they can do it without taxing the citizans of NY to death. ther eare several huge companies in New York and all deal with guns, if those bussenees leave, NY States Unemployment is going to skyrocket!. major loos in sales tax that state is going to be hurting bad , and lets not forget NJ, Gov, Christie cant make a desicion without discussin it with every democrat in the tri state area.This so called victory that cuomo claims is going to be his down fall in his political carreer. Everyone now know what he is and what he stands for, If his ambishion was to become President Ole Andrew can say good-bye to thet pipe dream, it over with! and the same goes for christie of NJ, I mean who in the hell requires a permit to purchase a pellet gun or an airsoft gun for that matter. that is juts assinine, not to mention is seems as if they spend so much money on BS in these states they have to find a way to recoup the revinue they have lost and are about to loose.I hope every gun manufacture comes to my stat and set up shop, we have no State income tax persay, just state sales tax. and the goverment gives ourt all kinds of tax breaks for large bussineses, and besides our state is not going to listen to washingtons BS on Gun Control.The citixans of thsi state have made it loud and clear. If you try it come next election you will be in the unenjoyment line! and I hope Remington is one of them,I always wanted to work for remington arms ( maybe I should call a friend of mine whos high up on da ladder, and place a little bug in his ear)
    I have several friends who retired from there, and are very comfortable and happy! So let one of these major maunufactures come here Ill wait in line outside in the rain for a week if I had to, just to be able to work for one of these companies! and if Numrich Arms moved here Id Volenteer just for a salery in gun parts ,,Now theres an Ideal Job!!.and if your work over time yuo get double the parts!!!!! where do I sign up...Doc

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    we have all our property for sale in NJ in fact the wifes old condo/tonhouse is under contract now, my ancestorial properties are also for sale I rent them out but i am tired of it and NJ
    as for the business I am getting a post office box to give a appearnece I am still there.
    while soaking up the sun in Fl
    Sprat and sprat1 are one and the same.

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