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    Rarely has the political class whipped itself into a lather that has abated so quickly. After the Newtown, Conn., massacre, so many invested so much hope in President Barack Obama’s pledge to “use whatever power this office holds” to pass new gun control laws.The president has certainly done his part. He has held rallies. He has used children as props. He has held events with parents of the little victims of Newtown. He has shamed the nation for its alleged forgetfulness over the terrible events of that day and urged members of Congress to “join me in finishing the job — for our communities and, most importantly, for our kids.”Yet the needle of public opinion is moving the wrong way. CBS News found that support for stricter guns laws dropped from 57 percent to 47 percent, and CNN from 52 percent to 43 percent.


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    I was at a Cabella's just south of McKinney TX yesterday and they had an off-brand AR15 priced below $1000! Meanwhile Cheaper Than Dirt (dirtbags) still had AR's for $2499.

    Cabella's also had a $hitload of Tapco magazines for AK's and AR's at normal prices.

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    If Obama put as much focus on coming up with ways to deal with mental health issues and ways to support families dealing with a mentally unstable family member, some good may have come out of the sandy hook incident. Guns are just too easy a target to go after though it seems.

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