House votes to exempt military from D.C. gun laws
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Thread: House votes to exempt military from D.C. gun laws

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    Postak House votes to exempt military from D.C. gun laws

    The House of Representatives unanimously passed a resolution Friday that expresses the sense of Congress that active duty military living or stationed in the District of Columbia should have the right to carry a gun.


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    That's all well and good,,,BUT,,

    how about past vets, past LEO's, and ect that have proven themselves to be honest citizens??? We're not worthy enough all of a sudden ??????

    Gubberment in there infinite wisdom ya know,,,,,GEZZZZZZZ,, gimmie a break, butt out and read the Constitution!

    What part of "shall not be infringed upon" , don't they get?????? If your not a criminal,,, where's the problem?

    Good Lord,,, it's time to send them all to a new job at this rate. That's how I'll be voting!

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    i smell something in the works with that one ....

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