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Thread: U.S. Supreme Court grants 2nd time extension in Illinois guns decision

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    Postak U.S. Supreme Court grants 2nd time extension in Illinois guns decision

    The U.S. Supreme Court granted an extension Tuesday for Illinois's attorney general to decide whether to appeal a court order permitting the state's gun owners to carry concealed firearms.Justice Elena Kagan granted a delay until July 22, essentially a second 30 days of leeway that allows Attorney General Lisa Madigan time to craft a response. She could also scuttle the whole matter if Gov. Pat Quinn signs concealed-carry legislation awaiting his response.


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    Read the other day the entire purpose of the delays are so Madigan can coerce and cajol town mayors into passing quickie ban bills before the governor signs this. There is a preemption clause in the bill that towns won't be allowed to pre-empt state laws. If local towns vote and institute bans before the governor signs, then they won't be nullified by the carry bill.
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