NRA Referrals and NRA-Supported Litigation
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Thread: NRA Referrals and NRA-Supported Litigation

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    Postak NRA Referrals and NRA-Supported Litigation

    The NRA maintains a list of attorneys who have identified themselves to us as being willing to consider cases involving NRA members.  If a referral is given, the member must negotiate fees and arrangements with the attorney directly.  Further, by providing referrals the NRA is not endorsing or recommending any attorney on the list for any purpose—the attorneys on the list have asked to be placed on our list and are not systematically vetted by the NRA.


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    Forget the NRA, there to busy selling wine and cigars now days IMO.

    J contacted them in relation to a legal issue concerning theft of firearms from a licensed FFL holder,,me,,and I got 0 response after contacting them 3 times about it.

    This could have been a great "test case" to bring to the forefront pointing out how the courts aren't prosecuting the gun laws on the books. Even after my demands to the States Attorneys office, Governors Office, and my Reps demanding they prosecute this case. It all fell on deaf ears.

    Seems they are just looking for the bucks nowadays.

    And this is the first time I didn't renew my membership ,,,,after >40 years of being a member. I'm done with them.

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