Colorado: New Restrictive Gun Laws Effective Today
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Thread: Colorado: New Restrictive Gun Laws Effective Today

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    Postak Colorado: New Restrictive Gun Laws Effective Today

    Today, the restrictive and misguided legislation that was passed by Colorado’s 69th General Assembly and signed into law by Governor John Hickenlooper (D) takes effect.


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    Gezzzz,,,,, we need to add a "don't like" option, and turn some of these threads into a poll somehow. Showing how many likes and dislikes a particular issue gets.

    I guess they'll be no hunting trips in my future there, I'm not bowing to there nonsense UN-Constitutional laws. My $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ will go elsewhere. Like to states that respect hunters/gun owners,,, rights.

    Just like I did with NY recently,,,no new hunting/fishing license's, no property purchases, that was almost in the closing stage, no ATV registrations, no dinners out, no property tax $,,,ect,,,,ect., see where I'm going with this? 9 Other local sportsman families I personally know did exactly the same thing and moved there campers out of NY too. Pretty much taking the same kinda $$$ they would have spent there with them to other states,,,,kick them in the wallet, it's almost as effective as a kick in the balls!!!! Just be sure to write to the reps in those states so there aware of what you've done, so they can reflect on there decisions in the future and what the ramifications of there decisions are for the future of there respective states.

    Take that!!!!!!! Stomp on our rights,,, and we'll stomp on you your cash flow from sportsmen,,, that's the way it works. Pal

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    No Mtn biking trips to Colorado for me.
    Fuck em, it'll all add up!
    Or NY either!

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