Grassley to Holder: Why is Your Department Hiding New Fast and Furious Murders?
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Thread: Grassley to Holder: Why is Your Department Hiding New Fast and Furious Murders?

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    Postak Grassley to Holder: Why is Your Department Hiding New Fast and Furious Murders?

    Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley has sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder reminding him that the Department of Justice has an obligation to inform Congress when Operation Fast and Furious weapons are found at crime scenes. Just last week, the Los Angeles Times reported Mexican Police Chief Luis Astorga and his body guard were killed by cartels using guns from the lethal operation. 


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    Are we surprised?
    Imagine whirled peas

    Peace, Love, And Superior Firepower


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    everything is ass-backwards with the obama administration.

    the justice department and the AG are running around covering up crimes and acts of terror, the BATF is smuggling AKs and other weapons to drug cartels in mexico?

    and the federal government is after zimerman because he defended himself.

    now tell me whats wrong with this picture?

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    How blind can people be???? I've never feared for the future of this country ,, more than I do right now. Lots of scarey scenarios playing out right now,,,,seems politicians and press are "inciting to riot", at least that's what there actions suggest anyhow.

    Notice how conveniently this GZ thing all came to the forefront ,,,,,,,JUST AS THE NATO TREATY WAS GOING INTO DELIBERATIONS ????? HUMMMMM,,,,, How interesting,,,,, distraction?

    Thank God it didn't get adopted,, that would have been a disaster foe this country,,,,but stay vigilant,,, there trying something through the back door as we speak. Bet on it!

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