Tired Guns; This time the "debate" is desultory and meta
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Thread: Tired Guns; This time the "debate" is desultory and meta

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    Postak Tired Guns; This time the "debate" is desultory and meta

    A few days after last year's massacre at Newtown, Conn., we observed: "Every time one of these horrible shooting sprees occurs, countless voices in the media declaim that (1) we need a debate on gun control, and (2) the other side's views are despicable, stupid and unworthy of consideration." It's happening again, in reaction to Monday's murders at the Washington Navy Yard. But it's strikingly muted by comparison with the post Newtown frenzy.


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    well most people know that the media is 100% pro-obama/bloomburg biased.

    the media has become nothing more than a propaganda mouthpiece for the government/administration.

    and it ain't all about firearms, the media mis-reports economic data, joblessness,homelessness, home repos, debt defaults, crimes, and so on every day.

    if the news was telling the truth -- your bank accounts would be so full of $$$ that you couldn't figure out how to spend it all.

    in truth everybody is trying to make that pay-check last till the next one and that is getting more difficult every day. inflation is eating the wealth up.

    people know how bad it really is cause most live it every day.

    the press saying how great the economy is just shows how skewed the media really is.

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    This is what happens when an indefensible position is repeatedly and blatantly defended in direct defiance of logic
    and established facts...eventually even the misinformed people catch on.


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    Thankfully, even some of the "uninformed" are starting to "get it" !!

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