The "Weapons of War" big lie
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Thread: The "Weapons of War" big lie

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    Postak The "Weapons of War" big lie

    "Weapons of war."That's the latest word picture painted by the gun ban crowd to scare the public into supporting all manner of gun control. "Weapons of war" is a term especially designed to divide gun owners.Unless we each educate less politically astute friends, it might just work.


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    it is not the WEAPON it is the MAN and the will of that MAN to KILL.

    all the laws on earth ain't going to change that. look at all the people that were killed by Muskets during the revolutionary war! no matter how crude or advanced the weapon is it is the man using it that is doing the killing.

    now if they hanged those convicted of murder , and kept other violent types locked away, rather than letting them out of that revolving door we call the in-justice system we might well see a drop in crime.

    you can't let hundreds of gang-bangers, murders and the like out every week and expect crime to drop --yet that is what the government is doing.

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