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Thread: Porter: Bloomberg's all consuming agenda

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    Postak Porter: Bloomberg's all consuming agenda

    New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was once asked by NBC's David Gregory how much he was willing to spend to spread his vision for gun control to every corner of the nation."I think I have an obligation as an American and as a citizen, as a human being, to help others. Smoking is gonna kill a billion people this century. I put $600 million of my own money into trying to stop the tobacco companies ... That's one issue. Who knows with this?"


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    sure Stalin, Mau-se-tung and Hitler just wanted to help too---

    you know it is all for our own good to just bow down--- and submit! then later the gulag, killing fields or the gas chamber!

    i figure IF bloomburg did blow millions of his OWN $$ (which i doubt) to stop smoking it was probably to ATTACK HIS political enemy's rather than "help" anybody.

    a bit of self-serving there if you ask me.

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