Vermont: Bill would repeal ban on suppressors
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Thread: Vermont: Bill would repeal ban on suppressors

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    Postak Vermont: Bill would repeal ban on suppressors

    State Rep. Pat Brennan (R-Colchester) introduced a bill in the State Legislature to repeal the ban on silencers and suppressors.


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    Oh Cool,,,I've been so busy fishing lately I haven't been paying much attention to anything else.

    And the bite's been ,,,,GREAT,,,,and I've gotten well over 200 lbs of gills and about 100 lbs of crappie in 4-5 days of fishing. And I don't even get up for the morning bite anymore,,,let the kids do that,,,,

    I'm referred to now as ,,"Uncle Si, leader of the Crack of Noon Gang",,,, If I hit the ice by 9,,10ish,,,,,
    no biggie!

    Shit,,,,they don't start biting till I get there anyhow!!! Whats the rush,,,

    Getting off topic,,,,
    Looks like we'd still have to have the $200 stamp though,,the guberment always is in your pocket for something or other, no matter what ya do!!!! Good Lord!!!!

    And why should,,, WE,,, have to pay 200 bucks just to make it more pleasant for the non shooting groups that lives near a range,plus,, save the health care system $$$ for hearing care,,plus,, not disrupting the mating habits of the Great Snowy Owl,,,,what ever,,,gezzzzzz??? Plus just make shooting more fun , I could do without all the racket myself. Is there something inherently wrong with this picture,,,why do we need to pay, just to be considerate to others, or who and why do we need permission to have a surpressor?? After all there only ,,slightly less noisy with standard hunting ammo anyway,,,, not "silent" !!! Not really stealthy like ya see on the movies,,,Hell a subsonic round fired behind a pillow in a 22 would be as just as quite,,no stamp required there,,just lots of pillows and bottle of water to put the fire out!

    That's just my way of logic ,, I'd love to have a can,,sense ear plugs suck and muffs suck worse in summertime. I'd like a nice quite gun myself,,,honestly. But all my guns + all the stamps,,you got to be kidding ???? To me it just seems to be a law that is looking for a purpose,,,after all how many James Bond type assassins do you know that use silencers as an offensive weapon regularly ???? Most deer jacker's can't afford a can anyhow, or they would just buy the meat.

    So actually,,,whats the real purpose of the law to start with? I don't have a clue,,,Oh ya,,take money out of our pocket,,,

    Almost forgot,,,,

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