Connecticut gun owners revolt
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Thread: Connecticut gun owners revolt

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    Postak Connecticut gun owners revolt

    Laws are more than just symbolic gestures. Connecticut's General Assembly must come to grips with this truth before its recent effort to “save lives” ends up destroying them.State law enforcement officials are now in the difficult position of dealing with one of the most widely flouted laws since the end of the 55 miles-per-hour speed limit and Prohibition. If it’s really serious, the state will have to find space to imprison 300,000 residents for the next five years.


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    Peaceful resistance.. So put me in jail you liberal stupid commie mother f$%Kers..
    Having a home up there, and growing up in Connecticut and Florida as a youth, one must understand what is going on.
    What the "Commie New Network" is not reporting. Connecticut, yes once prosperous Ct. is going down the tubes..
    Inner city crime is off the charts.. A vast majority of the monied people live along the shore or in Fairfield County A.O.. Oh their are other wealthy towns in Ct. but they are primarily controlling the vote.
    They sadly, think the way to stop the inner city gang violence is to outlaw guns.. Typical liberal idiots.. This while the rich and famous live in their gated armed communities..
    Half the state is supporting the other half.. Lot of good people in CT.. This could get ugly.. I may go up, get a few cases of beer and watch from the roof of the family home.
    "Man needs but two things to survive alone in the woods. A blow up female doll and his trusty old AK-47" - Thomas Jefferson 1781

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    they learned from the police in nj overtime they will collect them , everytime they enter a home for suspected domestic issues, juvenile issues, noise complaints, warrants for unpaid tickets, they find those evil rifles they confescate and prosecute one at a time, no mass round up, one at a time happens everyday
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    Yea, and with this post-9/11-everyone's-a-pussy-crap, you've got to watch what you say. Back in '90, the ambulance was called for my dad having a heart-attack. Mr. Badge Asshat got there first. Instead of giving O2 to my dad, he starts to take a stroll through the house. I say "Yo Jack. The problem's over here" He keeps on walking. I go up to him and whisper that I was going to 'gut him'. He must have believed me. Don't think I could get away with that today. Faggots in a black bread truck would probably show up.
    Never give the trash in uniforms 'tools'. They'll find excuses to use them.

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