Florida: Gun legislation back in the forefront for session
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Thread: Florida: Gun legislation back in the forefront for session

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    Postak Florida: Gun legislation back in the forefront for session

    Florida's gun-friendly nature will be scrutinized during the 2014 legislative session as bills that would modify the state's "stand your ground" law and another allowing warning shots will be considered, a marked contrast from the 2013 session in which no major gun legislation was passed.


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    Love the dem take on it: but I have a different interpretation:

    "It's critical that the Legislature take a look at what the country and the world is looking at Florida and recognize that we don't look good right now as it relates to 'stand your ground,' as it relates to self-defense laws that we have on the books," said Rep. Mia Jones, D-Jacksonville. "We need to re-evaluate them, we need to make sure that we have laws on the books that are going to allow our young people to walk the streets doing those things that young people do and not have to worry about being killed as a result of it."

    My interpretation is that it is a wonderful thing that we don't have to take o's son smashing our head in to the pavement. We don't look good, we look GREAT!.

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