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Thread: Georgia: Comprehensive Gun Reform Bill Language Amended into House Bill 60

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    Postak Georgia: Comprehensive Gun Reform Bill Language Amended into House Bill 60

    On Tuesday, March 11, House Bill 875 was amended into House Bill 60 on the House floor.  This critical legislation seeks to make many changes to benefit law-abiding gun owners, shooters and sportsmen alike.  If enacted, HB 60 would make the following key improvements and changes:


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    Sure sounds like good common sense laws to me.

    Ya know,,,with all this type of thing going on nation wide and from postings here, facebook and several sources it sure seems like the anti's sure have a up hill battle if they want to screw with the Constitution and our rights.

    I've even noticed some people I know that are libs to the max,,,are starting to notice and are making comments about what obummer and his minions are up to lately.

    Be Still My Heart,,,are people finally getting it??? Well,,,,,sure took some of them long enough, now didn't it????? We still got our work cut out for us though,so don't get complacent.

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