Chris Cox: Bob Costas shoots his mouth off, again
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Thread: Chris Cox: Bob Costas shoots his mouth off, again

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    Postak Chris Cox: Bob Costas shoots his mouth off, again

    It’s always awkward when sportscasters stray from their field of expertise and pontificate on political and social issues. Bob Costas, building on his previous efforts in this regard, recently took this awkwardness to a whole new level.


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    So in what way would that be a fair study in any way, shape or form,,considering that lots of sports figures are nothing more that semi reformed gang bangers that just happen to have good physical prow-less in there particular sport of choice???? In many cases that's the ONLY reason there not in jail already,,,

    so there's no premise to think it would be a valid study right from the get go. At least IMO it wouldn't.

    And in fact ,,,how many of you that were in the service knew people that are there just to keep themselves out of jail by order of the court?? I knew allot in Nam myself,,,,

    I hate idiots that have little "life experience" talking shit, when they probably don't have a clue otherwise!!! Gezzzz, politicians,,,,
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