California waiting period nixed for existing gun owners
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Thread: California waiting period nixed for existing gun owners

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    Postak California waiting period nixed for existing gun owners

    First-time gun buyers are still subject to the 10-day waiting period, but Judge Anthony W. Ishii ruled that those who have already been judged competent to own a gun should not be forced to wait an additional period for every new gun they seek to purchase.


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    What the hell...? A Judge with some common sense. Amazing.

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    Yeah, it's sorta dumb to think a waiting period does anything if you already HAVE a gun.
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    The really amazing thing is that the Court is just 14 miles outside of Sacramento, and the Judge is a Clinton appointee!

    The case was essentially cheery picked by the lawyers in the first (or very early) relationship between CalGuns, The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) and the NRA. The Lawyer (Gottlieb) did all kinds of research, then with the help of the three groups named above, found the right Plaintiffs to file suit. This is right out of the Green Peace / Tree Hugger Playbook! And it's about time for Christ' sake!

    The California Attorney General and her Minions stepped all over their collective units, and utterly failed to make their case.

    The suit is truly foundational because the decision essentially opens up the statute that defines the "Certificate of Eligibility" (COE) that was only previously open to FFL's, Prop Managers at the Movie Companies, Police, and the like. Now that this avenue is open to the un-washed masses, we common folk can essentially "register" with the state, and get our firearms like the rest of you all do. Additionally, the COE is a valid exemption for waiving the "one pistol every 30 days law"... A huge win!

    The timing of this decision is crucial as well, since the Politburo is considering 6 different new restrictions on us un-washed types. Maybe they will get a clue. Doubt it, but there is always hope!

    The rest of the decision, since the Judge did EVERYTHING by the book and very conservative like, will be foundational to bringing addtional suits in the near future.

    Two last thoughts:

    The LibTards have been playing by a different set of rules now for 25 plus years. It's about time we shoved that book back up their collective ASS!

    We conservatives need to hang together, or we will most surely hang separately. Gun people are about the catty-est people in this great nation. Time to get over that and fight!

    Imagine whirled peas

    Peace, Love, And Superior Firepower


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