Ok, today the base rifle for this AK104 conversion project arrived. A NIB Saiga .308-1 with the 21.3 inch barrel from Classic Arms. A cool development in my quest for parts is that I was actually able to acquire an honest to God original Russian AK 104 FSB/GB! I am not sure of the ID of the barrel portion of this block, (it has not arrived in the mail yet), so I don't know how much the barrel will have to be turned down so that it indexes properly but time will tell. Other parts acquired for this conversion:

1) US made copy of the Russian 100 series side-folding stock and hardware. (I also acquired a Russian latch, pin and spring for the side-folder).

2) TAPCO G2 FCG. This may get changed out for a Red Star FCG.

3) Sanitized ribbed Bulgarian Top cover.

4) Bulgarian lower HG retainer.

5) US K-VAR 100 series upper and lower hand-guard, (black).

6) Bulgarian gas tube, (from a milled kit)

7) MDARMS copy of the new IZHMASH pistol grip with the finger grooves.

8) US Home made copy of a Russian can that I am going to use as a barrel shroud.

I am interested in finding a Russian AKM rear leaf site. If I can't find one I do have an East German RPK rear site that I could use, but I would kind of like to stay with Russian hardware for this project if possible.
Next week I will be able to start this project and I will post pictures and do a little tutorial/commentary on the conversion process from the beginning to the end. I think this is going to be a very cool project, I have been thinking about doing this for a couple of years so fingers crossed all will go well.