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    Default Choke Tube Selections

    Now that AKBuilder has choke tube adapter for the Saiga, I wanted to find what kinds of chokes to use and when. If anyone has any more recommendations I'd love to hear them!

    I found this site that has a concise overview of chokes: | Choke Tubes, Choke Tube Useage Guide, Choke Tube Information

    Going from least to most restricted:


    - good for skeet and "close up" heavy cover hunting


    - all-around "middle" choke for waterfowl and small game hunting


    - longest reach as it keeps the pattern the tightest
    - waterfowl and Turkey hunting applications
    - tight patterns "up to 40 yards"

    In no case should slugs be shot out of modified or full chokes! You could destroy the barrel! Improved chokes *at most* and ideally full bore (aka no choke) for slugs. Best case - a "paradox" style rifled choke made expressly for slugs.

    The old timer method of testing is if a dime will fall through the choke then it is OK for slugs - however more careful consideration should be made as it won't take much to blow up a gun with a slug that plugs the barrel!

    Shot shouldn't be used in any rifled choke tube as it won't pattern correctly - the rifling will spin the shot everywhere!
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    i have a poly choke adjustable on mine

    Poly - Choke II for Saiga 12 [S12polychokeii] - $99.95 : Mississippi Auto Arms, Inc ::, Your Source for Saiga, AK47, AR15, Tromix, Glock, and SKS firearms and accessories

    it screws on to the threads already on the barrel and works great.

    it was a little difficult to thread all the way on but i guess that means it won't be falling off anytime soon.

    totally adjustable for tight patterns out to slugs

    not sure if that was what you were looking for but there ya go

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