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Thread: Saiga 12 AOW conversion???

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    Quote Originally Posted by iansstud View Post

    So you CAN or CAN'T build a Saiga 12 receiver from a flat?
    Sure you can.

    Have fun and take pictures

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corbin View Post
    I'm not 100% sure, but I think the ATF now considers the front trunnion on Saiga shotguns the "receiver", since that's where the serial number is stamped. Perhaps CGW is just making a new trunnion?

    Can O' Worms. ALL imported AK's have the serial number on the trunnion. The ATF has consistently ruled for years that the receiver consists of the trunnion and the receiver as riveted together. The two cannot be separated without destruction of the receiver. I think the ATF issued an erroneous opinion letter to Wes at Soupbowl Enterprises a few years ago. That's what this whole " the trunnion is different on the shotgun than the rifle" thing is all about. Every other AK has the sheet metal receiver as the trunnion but for some reason the Shotgun was ruled differently. My ass. Ive got an opinion letter off to the ATF tech branch to get a ruling on this because I want to build an AOW with a flat. My guess is they will affirm that the sheet metal part is the receiver and not the trunnion. It will be my ruling. It will apply to me and my case just like Wes's ruling applied to him but an entire industry has been built from that erroneous letter.

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    +1 for chip... you can't sepperate an imported AK receiver from a trunion with out destroying the receiver. Also you can't replace a front trunnion if damaged on a imported gun for the same reason. I seem to remember there was one company that built US made receviers and I think it was the same company that built the alternative drum for the Saiga 12. I don't think they ever sold their receiver to the public thought. I don't see the receiver that I have seen in the past on their site.

    Accelerator SBS Conversion for Your Saiga 12.

    Post on Saiga 12 forum in the past.

    US made S-12 receivers -

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