Mods, if this is being posted in the wrong section, please let me know, or move it to the appropriate section. I apologize in advance if this is not acceptable here. I've been offering this service for several years at, and now also in my vendor forum on I didn't see a forum for "services", and wasn't sure if it was right to put services in the for sale forums. This is such an important modification to the S-12 and S-20 in particular, I felt those visiting the Saiga shotguns section should know about it.

I'm offering modifications to Saiga shotgun parts that make the guns feed much better, take full mags easier on a closed bolt, and lessens the top round deformation problems seen when keeping a loaded mag in the gun for extended periods of time. My service improves cycling to a huge degree...even on guns that are borderline not functional because of improperly drilled gas ports (a common problem on guns built in the past few years since they retooled at the factory...).
I will re-profile and put a mirror polish on all of the contact surfaces between the bolt and carrier, rails, hammer, and all other areas that you have metal to metal contact, including the parts of the bolt itself, and the extractor. The way the Saiga and parts are finished, with paint or parkerizing on all the surfaces, causes some extra drag on the parts as they interact. This is especially true when the paint starts to wear off in spots. Not just that though...the geometry of the bolt & carrier surfaces can be changed to produce far superior reliability, without sacrificing strength or longevity. The improvements I make on these crucial surfaces makes all the difference in the world as far as how smooth the action is, and how it improves cycling on finicky guns...or even ones that run fine with most ammo. As most people know, the Saiga S-12 and S-20 both can be very finicky with light loads, like the cheap walmart value packs that many people buy. The 410 can also have these problems, but not as prevalent as those in the other two models. Russian ammo is more powerful on the average, and the guns don't do as well with some low powered US made ammo. After I do the mods to the bolt and carrier, and the FCG, the difference is like night and day.
I'm sure many people have noticed when they convert their gun to PG, and put a US made FCG in it, the bolt carrier will then catch on the hammer and slow it down considerably. What I do for one, is eliminate that power robbing situation. The face of the hammer, and the bottom of the carrier that interacts with it, are both re-profiled...mainly the hammer (to more closely match the factory hammer), the offending corners taken off, and replaced by smooth rounded transitions. Then a mirror polish is put on all contact surfaces, including the rail guide slots. Some of these same mods are done to a certain degree, by all custom builders who are worth their salt. This is one of the main differences you get in a high quality, name brand conversion...and some fly by night outfit. The work is guaranteed to make the gun function better, no matter how it's running without such mods.

If anyone is interested, please visit my website to see detailed pictures and feedback from many people I've helped over the past few years. The site is still under construction so please be patient with me. For now at least the bolt and carrier mods are up.


Saiga 12 bolt and carrier reprofiling and polishing

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