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    Default Saige 12 gauge build

    I'm interested in building a Saige 12 gauge from scratch. Are there parts kits out there for this?

    Does any one make a 80% receiver flat or is that even possible.
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    not that I've seen
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    The reason AK kits and flats exist is because the rifle is originally cheap surplus, full auto, and impossible to import for private citizens. So they cut them up into "just parts" and legally import them as a cheap alternative to the WASRs and such. The SAIGA, OTOH, is a legally importable gun and thus there is no market for cutting one up just so you can remake it again. Sorta like why you don't see too many offers of Mossberg 500 kits. First you'd have to buy a Mossberg at full price, pay to have the receiver cut up, then sell at a profit. Or just buy a working Mossberg for less.

    About the only source for one would be a gun that was ordered destroyed by a court or LE organization. Gunbroker often has "parts kits" from such guns because whoever is charged with destroying them disassemble them and only destroy the receiver, then sell the parts for profit.

    As far as flats go, again no demand so I have never seen one. However, a flat is just a sheetmetal piece cut to shape and holes put in it. Make your own from plain steel, heck used to make them out of old appliance cabinets from the junkpile back in the day!

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    The front trunnion would have to be whittled from scratch, along with the gas block and bolt head.

    If you're interested in a .410, I have a build ongoing in the caliber conversions subforum. A Mossberg barrel from Sarco, stepped to take a Chinese gas block and front sight block, and an M-14 magazine.

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