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    Quote Originally Posted by Coils View Post
    I figured that was the rail you got from me since you said you cut it down. So you had the same problem I did with the top cover hitting it?
    yep it would come off but there wasnt enough angle to get it back on. cut it right at the rear most part of the gas tube, no problems now.
    al gore is full of carbon enriched shit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coils View Post

    I got two of those but never tried them, I was thinking about cutting them down to 8 rndrs, already got five 5s, three 10s and a couple MDA's 20 rnd drums.
    Well, the 10 round SGMs wouldn't feed any 3" shell I tried worth a damn. 2-3/4" were fine, but they choked on 3" shells. I cut one of them down to 8 rounds, and after a bunch of hand cycling (which seemed to break it in some) it would almost feed my 3" buckshot reloads with something approaching reliability. But it still choked on factory 3 inchers. And the repetitive hand cycling didn't seem to help the 10 rounders at all.

    My shotgun feeds perfectly from the factory 5 rounders and the MD-20 that I have, so I can't really lay the blame there either. Between my experience, and what I've read on the forums, I've come to the conclusion that all of the US made magazines (except for the MD-20 drum) suck balls, and if any of them happen to work in your shotgun, it's just the luck of the draw. I'll probably end up spending way too much money for a few of the Russian 8s at some point.

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