WTK Does cutting S12 receiver for PG nut weaken receiver?
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Thread: WTK Does cutting S12 receiver for PG nut weaken receiver?

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    Default WTK Does cutting S12 receiver for PG nut weaken receiver?

    I have cut a hole in my Saiga12 receiver to place a stock pistol grip nut and note there is now only about a 1/4 inch strip of receiver between the PG nut hole and the original "sporter configuration" trigger slot in the rear of the receiver. Was wondering if that was at all a concern? Was wondering if anyone else used one of these reinforcing plates as pictured below

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    You're fine.

    I've read the reinforcement plate is beneficial for full-auto situations but I like adding them to my builds.
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    Yeah you'll be fine, look at the nut, most of the force (torque) is on the ears of the nut which is on the left & right of the hole.

    If you want to add a plate, go ahead it won't hurt anything, but you really don't need it.
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