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Thread: Stock Sets Available for Converted Saigas

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    Default Stock Sets Available for Converted Saigas

    I am pleased to offer the following prototype stock sets. These sets were made as a proof of concept for new styles or to get some experience with new woods. For one reason or another they didn't have all the pieces together and ready to go until now. Two stock sets are available as of the beginning of this thread, but I'll add to this thread as more become available.

    All of these sets require the conversion to pistol grip and regular semi-auto trigger group. They are all made in the US and count towards US parts compliance. While your final parts count is your responsibility, using these stock sets and a US made trigger group should be adequate for US parts compliance in most cases.

    All of these sets are shipped unfinished, ready for you to finish according to your preferences. They may require final fitting to the Saiga and finish sanding. Finish sanding will vary depending on the finish you plan to use. Fitting should require nothing more than a flat file.

    Set #1: Lyptus wood set for Saiga-12 shotgun.
    Handguard: Modernized Galil style
    P-grip: Stoner style with escutcheon
    Buttstock: Galil style fixed stock with modified FAL buttplate (buttplate is in slightly rough shape but can be sanded smooth). Stock length is approximately 10" from rear of receiver.
    Lyptus wood is a tropical hybrid wood designed for faster growth. It is relatively tough with straight grain and and a dull pinkish color. It can be stained a variety of colors.
    Price: $150 (Would be $210 on a custom basis.)

    Set #2 SPF

    Set #3: Beech wood set for Saiga-308 rifle.
    Handguard: Veprov style with vents
    P-grip: Fat grip pattern #2, which is slightly less authentic than the Zastava fat grip but more comfortable in my opinion. Special features: Ambidextrous thumb grooves and grip escutcheon
    Buttstock: Triangular, raised buttplate for a straight-line of recoil. Same type of modified FAL plate as Stock #1. Well suited for a scoped setup.
    Beech wood is a deep blonde color and is used on some factory Saiga wood sets and Bulgarian AK stocks. It is very dense, hard, strong, and finishes very smooth. Unfortunately, I cannot get any more of this wood locally. So this beautiful stock set will be one of a kind.
    Price: $200 (would be $250 on a custom basis made from a base price wood.)

    Please E-mail or PM with any questions. Do not send any funds until I have confirmed that it is yours. Since these sets are ready made, payment is due in full. Any check or money order is acceptable, but personal checks or non-postal money orders will be held until they clear.

    I cannot take custom orders at the moment but can discuss possibilities for the future. At the moment I am prioritizing on sets for converted Saiga shotguns since they have the highest chance of being targeted by legislation.
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