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    I have an RSA adjustable trigger in mine. I had to modify it slightly for clearance with the bolt carrier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chum View Post
    I have a Saiga 308, and I can't drive the pins out that hold the old trigger and the old hammer. The hammer is forward, not being held by the trigger hook. I banged on them, with no result. Is there a retainer on these pins that I need to remove in order to drift out the pins?
    Saiga 308, not anything else.
    Remove cover, spring, bolt and gas tube.
    Remove tension from hammer.
    Flip reciever into it's side.
    Make sure pin has somewhere to go when you smash it out the other side.
    Smash repeatedly.
    There should be a wire retainer on the left side of the pins, inside the receiver. Do not hammer the pins! I forget how the retainer is fitted in the 308 model but after removing it, the pins can be pushed and worked out by wiggling the trigger and hammer to relieve the spring pressures. No hammering is required or desired. You might have to tap the right end of the pins with a screwdriver handle or push them with a pin punch to get them started loose from their holes in the receiver.

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    I simply took the stock saiga trigger on my 308 and removed the stok spot welded trigger from the f.c.g. and then cut a trigger from an old romy f.c.g. then weld the romy to the saiga with 5 minutes of clean up with a belt sander it looks factory and works perfect.
    keep in mind that the trigger will still be considered an imported part so plan your 922 parts accordingly.

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    Dude mine has a shepards crook in it like any other ak would have. don't beat it up if you have'nt removed it could warp the receiver or ruin the pins. Also no welding is required if you don't drill through the receiver, you just need a little filing. I drilled a hole through the trigger guard and in the receiver to mount the trigger guard with a left over rivet from a parts kit.

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