1st attempt.

Just completed a Saiga 308 conversion:

Mississippi Auto Arms:
The stock, trigger group and Hogue grip came from MAA. The 308 already comes with the receiver cut out for the forward control group so moving the trigger forward was not that hard. To get all the part into place is difficult. The springs and pins all have to align. Once you figure it out though it goes together pretty smoothly.

Dinzag Arms:
Provided the tritium iron sights. The front sight is very wide and takes a little getting used to.

The forearm is a Fuglystick forearm which I make. It is the first that I have made for the rifles.

Silva Coatings did the light grey and black powder coat. I find the powder coat is more durable than the gun coat and other spray and bake at home kits.

I polished the bottom of the bolt and the trigger group. Also fabbed up a custom trigger guard, added a washer to the side of the mag release to aid in mag removal and added some width to the safety in order to make it easier to use.
Tried it out yesterday and other than needing a little push on the front sight it is good to go.

Trigger came out good but not as nice as the one on my 12ga that was done by Will @ Red Jacket.