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Thread: saiga conversion USA parts count

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    I wish you guy's would STOP posting about the Saiga 12's .............................
    Or I'm going to have to call in the morning & get me one..
    Just get one, I did, and I'm still kicking myself for not getting one when they were half the price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coils View Post
    Just get one, I did, and I'm still kicking myself for not getting one when they were half the price.
    Amen to that .Now im thinking the 520$ I payed weeks ago will be looked at as a bargain soon..Gotta order another . Wife's gonna put me out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3tc View Post
    With a Saiga "conversion " means PG.
    WRONG thats "your" definition" - no problem with it, just no need to try stating it as fact for everyone else.

    He clearly states "no muzzle attachment".
    Yep, and I clearly mentioned muzzle devices as just 1 item of several to demonstrate how folks can be considering much more than an original AK style pistol grip as part of their "conversion".

    The original post asked how many parts were needed to go "evil"....
    That can mean different things to different folks.
    If anyone will take a little time looking at the ever growing Saiga offerings they will see that more and more companies are offering replacement buttstocks "with" Pistol Grips and even some folding stock versions of said - all WITHOUT doing the FCG change. Some folks seem to like or prefer the original design & just want to add a PG. Ive learned not assume what others think.

    Furniture ,does not make it a converted gun.
    Oh really? If someone likes the Russian or Bulgy wood look with exposed gas tube or an Israeli made tri rail, I guess "you" dont consider that a type of conversion huh??

    Maybe you would get better answers if this post was under the Saiga section.
    This thread IS in a Saiga section: saiga conversion USA parts count
    Listing the thread links is a good referral for newbies.
    It's just more helpful IMO to not assume that they think just like everyone else.

    Hey Bradrock - hurry & get one, or 2, or 3 you wont regret it.

    Cheers, HarvKY

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    i was planning on getting the tapco conversion to the M4 stock that 'drops in' and you don't have to more the trigger group. that's 2 parts and buying USA mags would be 3 parts

    the 308 i have has no threaded muzzle the 12 guage i have does have a threaded muzzle as long as it's five parts for a threaded i should be good then

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    Buy a S12 while you can!!!

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