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    Question info please!!!

    I am getting ready to paint my saiga 12, Can someone please tell me how to get the ajustabl gas part of the shotgun. for i can also add a new gas puck inside? It turns left and right to go to 1 or 2 butt how do i get the old puck out?? Thanks for your help. Harleyc

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    Once you get the plug going to the left , keep going . Once it's in your hand , hold the gun muzzel down and give it a shake . the puck will fall out
    Will Hayden, RedJacket Firearms

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    Hello harleyc Hold down the locking shaft then turn your gas plug counterclock wise , maybe 10 or 15 turns. If gas puck won't fall out then take out the bolt carrier asssembly, then use cleaning rod to push thru the hole in gas tube from the rear of gun to the front and puck should come out, use solvents is needed. IRONMULE

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