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Thread: say hello to my leetle friends

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    Default say hello to my leetle friends

    i've been a little busy lately, trying to rebuild my collection. back in the day when my dad had an ffl he closet was full, then the kids came and the wife got nervous. had to unload all my goodies. well the kids are older and love to shoot (mostly at each other and others connected to an xbox). so for the past year i've been "collecting".

    first up is the only one left from the original group, my norinco hunter.

    next up my first new addition (scammed from pops hehe) the ruger mini 30

    then i went on a saiga binge

    the 410

    the 12

    and the 308 (still a work in progress)

    last but not least, the parts bin for the 762x25 build

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    Nice collection, keep it up
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    Thanks for the pics
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