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    My wife got me my saiga for christmas. I just ordered/received a tapco T-6 stock. That's the only modification I've done to the weapon. That and adding a 30 round surefire magazine to it. (These 2 items made it 922r legal; which while not my concern; is one less headache). With the stock the way it is; I have no problem with the trigger assembly. (No reason to change it). I like the original foregrip. (No reason to change it). I do have a scope rail "Weaver-Picatinny" on order, along with a reflex sight. That will be pretty cool. Other than that, I really don't plan on converting anything. I don't really see a need for it. Anyway, for those who want to make the most basic change to their Saiga; which usually means a 30 round magazine and a pistol grip; you can get the tapco stock/grip for about $45. You can get American magazines for $11-$40. So no; you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to make the rifle the way you like it. You can go as cheap or expensive as you'd like.

    Update: 1/13/2010.
    Just got my reflex sight in today, as well as my mount bracket and my laser. I still need to sight it all in; probably this weekend. But it's about where I want it.
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    Simple and effective, Great Start.

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