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    Default ACOG 3.5x35 – Hazy Glass

    I have a chance to buy this ACOG (3.5x35 wi .308 Reticle) at a ridiculously low price but it’s Mil-Surp and the front and rear glass have mild scratches all over making it pretty hazy. I’m not sure it can be a fruitful purchase. Because it’s mil-surp I’m told that if I send it to Trijicon they will confiscate it. Is this true? I don’t know what they would charge to service this but is it even serviceable by anyone other than Trijicon?
    I was told that some kind of glass polishing business might be able to buff it out. Would Trijicon sell the glass?

    Thoughts? Ideas?

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    I would contact Trijicon, just say "I bought it used" then tell them what's wrong with it and see what they say.

    You most likely could have it buffed/polished out, but I'd see what Trijicon says first.
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    Buffing out glass is bound to build in distortion. The problem is how do you buff it flat or to the original contour? Factory replacement is the only fix, IMO.
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