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Thread: all Eotechs created equal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by upgrayedd View Post
    ACOG is CRAZY expensive, damn! Not sure if I need that much scope?
    Yeah I wouldn't have paid that much but because I have one on my issue weapon it only made sense. But yeah no battery problem though.
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    if i was buying the met-pro looks pretty damn good to me.

    i got a primary arms and i like it pretty well--so far no issues --but it only had RED optics--no green--

    i do like the ACOG series --i liked them better when uncle sam was paying for them though.

    i have a couple 30mm hammers and their very good for a $29 sight systems. only thing is they eat these 2032 batteries up pretty quick. and i am so bad to forget and leave them on--LOL--

    so far all have held zero and shoot accurately.

    to me though it is difficult to beat a conventional scope.

    since my eyes ain't what they once were a nice adjustable scope with good glass , and conserve that precious ammo--cause if the big "O" has his way--ammo is going to get to expensive and scarce for all these 0-powere blaster optics--

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