east german 7x40ziess binoculars sold by Apex
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Thread: east german 7x40ziess binoculars sold by Apex

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    Default east german 7x40ziess binoculars sold by Apex

    Ok last month before thanksgiving APEX ran a special. one of the items they had were surplus east german ziess DF 7 x40 binoculars. some call them border guard or checkpoint charlie binoculars. they are neither those descriptions are come ons. I have two sets, one set I bought in 1995 and this set.
    I am going to review them here, first off the sets I have are marked NVA or national Volks armie, Stasi ones are marked Mdi

    these are real zeiss binoculars, poor Ziess got caught behind the Wall, while the comapnyalso managed to operate in West Germany as Hensoldt
    these Binoculars are covered in rubber with caps that are attached so you never loose them, they are well made and serial numbered
    the set I received from Apex came complete with no broken or worn parts, even the filtered lenses where in the cover, like new. when they came they were dirty but again complete nothing a little soap and water with a paint brush could not cure. I used windex and lense cloth to clean the lenses, I already had the only other accessories that was the lighting unit for the reticile. For these low light binoculars, the reticile is illuminated by a special bulb and battery pack, I had a few these units from my orignal set ( see pic attached) these Bonoculars were used right up to the wall coming down. but Ziess updated this version 1980's called the EDF which had a tritium unit to light up the reticile, these have since burned out by now
    so for $ 89 plus shipping I have a second set. these Ziess Binoculars are heavy, but fantastic for early dawn and late evening deer/hog hunting

    I hope Apex has another sale on these cause they are no longer listed for sale period! because my only regrete was not getting more
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