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Thread: SBR - Will a money process faster than a check when filing a Form 1?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markp View Post
    No they have a record of my paperwork arriving March 10th... So I just have to continue to wait and wait... By that time the Texas Firearms Freedom Act will have passed.... I am waiting to finish those builds now so that I can stamp them "Made in Texas"


    what is that?
    texas continues to sound more and more appealing...

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    WHOOO HOOO... Approved today! FINALLY!

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    Default Timelines for Form 1 and Form 4 approvals

    Back before November the typical time for approvals using a NFA trust was around 8-12 weeks. Shortly after the election, the time quickly increased to 5-6 months. Recently we have had clients reporting back that they are receiving paperwork back in 10-12 weeks from the date they sent the paperwork in to the ATF. Some are still reporting long time frames, but in general things seem to be getting better.
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