Not exactly sure where to put this--but a lot of NFA Stuff is mentioned, and NFA Fanciers May be the most appreciative.

I really wish that I could have a Road Warrior Shotgun--You know, Pistol-Gripped Double Barrel--12 or 20--and with 10" to 12" Barrels.

Well you know, it probably wouldn't take me over a couple hours to do a real neat job of shortening an economy Shotgun; Crowning the Barrels; mounting a new Front Bead; etc.

Yes I know--but I want my Road Warrior to have a Big Front Bead.

Well, I sure wouldn't get much satisfaction from it; having to keep it hidden all the time. The risk of doing Beaucoup time in the Federal Gaol also leaves me unsatisfied.

Legal one? Well yeah, but you gotta have prior permission to take him across state lines--and I bob and weave back and forth between The Nation and Kentucky fairly freely.

How bout one of those "Witness Protection Shotguns"? They're cool--not as cool as a Road Warrior, but cool.

On one of my Favorite Forums, Guys are busily Welding De-Milled Mosin-Nagant Receivers together to obtain a legal "Virgin Receiver" to build a legal 7.62x54R Caliber, Bolt Action Pistol.

Look, at all the excitement about the Rossi Mare's Leg Lever Action.

How about a "Whippet" ?

The term is misused a bit--but technically; it is A Browning Auto 5 with the barrel longer than the magazine tube, by the length of one Shotgun Shell; and the Butt Shortened as far as the Bolt Return Spring inside the Stock will allow.

One day, I had this Epiphany. A Road Warrior Shotgun Pistol would certainly be illegal. An identical Double Barreled Pistol, with Rifled Bores would be perfectly legal.

Lets chamber it for the .45-70. You know the weight of a .45-70 Bullet and a 12 Gauge Shotgun load are close. The velocities would be in the same ball park.

.500 S&W Magnum would also be good. .444 Marlin could work too.

These are for our "12 Gauge" Pistols. Externally they're sized to look like a 12 Gauge. You could even countersink the first 3/4ths of an inch at the muzzle, so he looks authentic, even from the front.

I like the idea of a "20 Gauge" version; chambered for .375 Winchester.

It hits hard. Its loud. It wont be identical--thicker Barrel walls and Torque generated by the Rifling--but close enough for Gubbmint Work.

You know, a "Witness Protection" 3-Shot Pump in .45-70 would be a nice legal toy. Just make sure that you use a "Virgin" Receiver.

How about the Whippet? He's really close to legal length anyway. Use a 16" .45-70 Barrel; and you'd probably be close to 26". If not, add another inch or two onto the Barrel--in this case, far less weight penalty to add front side.

I'm also waiting rather anxiously. If the ATF lets Taurus market that 28 Gauge Pistol.....

A 28 Gauge Road Warrior could be all kinds of Phun on the range, and in the game fields.....

Self defense with the 28 Gauge?

Sure. Load up a hard .50 caliber Ball Load; Second--there will be some room left over--fill as much of this space with as many Plated BB Shot as will fit.Then Buffer the whole shell with some # 7 Skeet Dust.....

So, who will buy some of my new "P"(Pseudo) NFA Weapons.....

Just as soon as my Rich Uncle, who lives at The Poorhouse, passes away and leaves me his Estate.