Saw this on the NFA website- Firing Line- sure looks like a good way to burn up a little 8mm. ammo and burn the paint off the M53.
OFASTS: Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot and Trade Show is an Annual event that Firing Line puts on here in NE Oklahoma. It is a spectator event where we have a "Main Line" where we have many "exhibitors" that set up and shoot their FULLY AUTOMATIC weapons. We have exhibitors that only shoot for a show, but we also have others who rent out their machine guns for the public to shoot. We have various targets to shoot at such as: cars, refrigerators, ovens, etc. As you can see in this picture, many of the items we shoot at have explosive targets, and we even had a dynomite crew scheduled to be here. It is alot of racket, but even more fun. If you are interested in more details concerning the shoot, you can check out the website at: Machine Gun Shoot