APEX Gun Parts carries the pieces needed to meet the 922(R) US Compliance parts count.

In order to legally build a parts kit, no more than 10 imported parts may remain in the completed firearm. This is generally done by replacing foreign-made parts with domestically-built parts.
Imported parts that get counted are as follows:
(1) Frames, receivers, receiver castings, forgings or stampings
(2) Barrels
(3) Barrel extensions
(4) Mounting blocks (trunions)
(5) Muzzle attachments
(6) Bolts
(7) Bolt carriers
(8) Operating rods
(9) Gas pistons
(10) Trigger housings
(11) Triggers
(12) Hammers
(13) Sears
(14) Disconnectors
(15) Buttstocks
(16) Pistol grips
(17) Forearms, handguards
(18) Magazine bodies
(19) Followers
(20) Floorplates

This effort to stock/list 922(R) US Compliance parts is now getting underway.
Check back soon if what you need is not yet listed.


These and many other kits/parts/barrels/magazines are available for sale on our web site.

APEX Gun Parts
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Some examples of the parts we carry...

US made G2 trigger parts

US made long slot flashhider

US made SKS triggers

For the builders of HK type rifles we have added these US made compliance parts.


They are listed in with the original parts.

US flash hider:

US cocking handle:

US made semi-auto trigger pack:

US made semi-auto complete grip frame assembly: