FN FAL G1 Parts Kit, Belgian made $250.00

Original Belgian manufactured 7.62 FN FAL G1 metric parts kit.
The kits are complete less the barrel and receiver.
These guns may have had parts replaced over their years in service so they may vary slightly from the pictured image.
These kits were manufactured in the late 1950's and were delivered to Germany as the G1 FAL rifle.
These kits have low sights, and a removeable slotted flash hider.
Germany had a number of small design changes made to improve the FAL rifle before they adopted what in 1956 became the G1 Fal.
Those improvements are present in these rifle kits.


We have metric FAL barrels that will fit these kits available separately.
Our used barrels are made to mount only the front sling swivel, and have left hand threads at the muzzle.


These and many other kits/parts/barrels/magazines are available for sale on our web site.

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FN FAL G1 Parts Kit, Belgian made $250.00