Yugoslavian M64 Underfolder Part Set, W/Barrel, *Good* $289.00

Original Yugoslavian M64 milled receiver underfolding AK47 part set, 7.62X39, Condition *good/matching*.

The serial numbers on the bolt, carrier and/or receiver stub are matching.
Our kits have an original threaded-in barrel with all parts installed.
These are in used good condition with dark, worn bores showing their years of military service use.
The safety/selector lever is of the type used with the fixed stock Yugoslavian AK.
The kits include the bolt, bolt carrier, top cover, recoil spring, handguards, muzzle brake/nut and the grenade launching sights (may be clipped) and all parts as pictured.
They do not have the cleaning rod.
Some parts are of a type used on the stamped receiver rifles, but were installed on these guns while fielded in military service.
While sorting these we learned that some of these M64 kits have damaged or repaired folding stocks, we include a second used damaged/repaired folding stock selected so that two can be made into one good underfolding stock.
These are the first model AK47 Yugoslavia produced and feature the unique pattern of milled receiver only found on the M64.
The milled receiver versions of the AK47 were first produced in the 1950's and are generally considered to be the finest of the Kalashnikov's.
Our kits have an original threaded-in barrel.
These kits were made from veteran service rifles of the conflict in the former Yugoslavia.
They may have carvings and will show signs of their military history.
The kits include the muzzle brake and the grenade launching sights.
These Yugo M64 underfolders are one of the last good deals on AK parts kits with original barrels.
Due to the limited number of these kits that APEX has available we cannot make any selections.

We stock rivets, parts, scope bases and US Compliance triggers/parts to use with Yugoslavian parts set.

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