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Thread: AK Top Cover W/Integrated Charging Handle, LINCH @ APEX Gun Parts

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    For Sale AK Top Cover W/Integrated Charging Handle, LINCH @ APEX Gun Parts

    AK Top Cover W/Integrated Charging Handle, LINCH $120.00

    AK47 Top Cover Left Side Charging Handle by Davis Tactical Solutions.

    The Left Handed Integrated Non-reciprocating Charging Handle (LINCH) is designed as a drop-in replacement for the Kalashnikov rifle top cover.
    Installing this charging handle requires no modification to your AK.
    When installed the LINCH provides an alternate means of operating the bolt carrier.
    The charging handle does not cycle during firing.
    Any modified FN-FAL charging handle can be utilized in this top cover.
    This product will work with most rifle calibers of the Kalashnikov, such as 5.45x39, 5.56x45, and the 7.62x39.

    The LINCH was designed to work with all standard length AK receivers.
    This distance is 9.325 inches indicated from the rear sight block to the rear trunnion.
    The width of the receiver should be 1.350 inches.

    The LINCH is based on Bulgarian factory top covers.
    This product installs easily on most AK rifles.
    The length is tentatively 9.25-9.33 inches.
    Some covers may need to be filed down on the front edge for proper fitting.
    The outside diameter is tentatively 1.435-1.442 inches wide.
    This product would not be a direct replacement for AK top covers with integrated rear sights.


    Made in the USA.
    These top covers are only offered with the inch pattern folding charging handle.
    The charging pin is a universal fit for the metric non-folding handles.
    The parts are made from surplus Bulgarian top covers and FN FAL charging handles.
    The slide channel is made from 4140 steel heat treated to 52 rockwell.
    All welds are performed with a low heat tig and ground down for proper clearance.
    The LINCH is finish coated with a black Dura Coat.
    The charging handles will not allow the use of left side folding stocks unless the knob is ground down.

    Manufacturer states the LINCH will not work with:
    Galil rifles (none)
    Zastava Yugoslavian rifles (none)
    Valmet rifles (none)
    USSR AK-107-108, AKMSU,and AK74SU
    Romanian PSL rifles .308 or 7.62x54R
    SAIGA-12 shot guns (none)

    The Manufacturer lists these as models of rifles the LINCH will fit:
    AK-47, AK-102, WZ-2002-BIN, RPK, AKM, AK-104, WZ-2005-JANTAR, RPK-74, AK-101, AK-105, RPKM/RPK-74M, AK-103, MPI-AKS-74NK, AK-63, PM-MOD-90-CAR, AKM-63, PM-MOD-86- CAR, AMD-65, TYPE-56C, AK-74, AMD-65-CAR, SNIPER RIFLE AK-74M, WZ-1989-ONYKS, MPI-KM, TABUK RIFLE, MPI-KM-74N, PM-MOD-63/65 ,PM-MOD-90, PM-MOD-86, ROMANIAN WUM/SAR/WASR-ALL, TYPE-56 NORINCO-ALL, WZ-1960, WZ-1988 TANTAL, and the WIEGER-STG-94.

    Follow this link to purchase:

    These and many other kits/parts/barrels/magazines are available for sale on our web site.

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    AK Top Cover W/Integrated Charging Handle, LINCH $120.00

    View this YouTube video for the Military Arms Channel evaluation of this Davis Tactical Solutions LINCH AK Charging Handle !

    + YouTube Video
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    I must be very confused about these in that they seem to answer a problem that doesn't exist. Help me out here.

    Did I do that?

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    Didnt you get the memo? Its now ileagle to remove your hand from the pistolgrip for any reason (even tho most every rifle was designed to operate with the right hand). end of sarcasim. Neat Idea,and I hope Apex sells abunch cause they are great guys to work with.

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