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    Default Yet Another Function Problem...

    Hi Stan,
    Dropping a forum post for the benefit of all. Ran my RPD again after having you rework the firing pin (stop the sticking) which cleared up the double taps and light primer strikes. (Thank you for the superb work).

    New apparent problem. Upon loading the initial rounds of the belt I can get off only about 4-5 rounds before a round gets stuck halfway stripped and fails to feed. The whole show stops.

    Upon inspection of the cartridge the side of the case is horribly scraped by what I can only guess is the edge of the feed lugs. It looks as if the belt is not sitting low enough perhaps to correctly strip the round and as the carrier lugs hit the case it moves the round forward in an attempt to go into battery but because the carrier lugs are riding on the side of the case and not on the back edge the whole thing just jams. Happened over and over for like 3 hours. Very frustrating.

    My redneck engineering eyes scream that perhaps if the feed tray were to sit lower on the receiver this would not be a problem. I'm not sure.

    Any suggestions? Is it a gas port setting? Should the top cover assembly be very tight in closing? It seems to bind a little between the top cover/feed tray interface and result in what could only be described as horizontal flex when the rear of the top cover is snapped in place.

    Anybody else have this problem?

    BTW this was one of your first 50 builds on the original wiselite receivers.


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    Maybe a pic(s) of the top cover open, with the feed tray setting on the receiver and the bolt forward would help everyone see if there's a problem in that area.

    From what your saying about the scratches on the side of the round it does sound like the bolt isn't hitting the back of the round, or it's just catching the edge and popping past the rim

    and result in what could only be described as horizontal flex
    left to right or front to back?
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