Status of Projects Other Than RPDs?
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Thread: Status of Projects Other Than RPDs?

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    Default Status of Projects Other Than RPDs?

    This post is an effort to get some response from you as e-mails have failed.

    I know you have always been busy and I know the current firearms climate has you sweating your tail off. I see that you are working on RPD builds and I thank you for bringing them to the market. I know the RPD and Bren that you built for me were outstanding.

    What I and some others need to know is if you are going to get around to some of the old builds you have stacked up in your shop. Speaking for myself, I have sent you numerous e-mails asking about my SBR PPSH-41 build. I have recieived no response from you.

    My mint parts kit and semi-trigger group were received by you on December 1, 2009. That is not a typo- 2009. From the outset I knew that good work takes time and patience is required for unique builds. I have demostrated my patience on a number of builds. You have had the parts kit for more than 38 months! Surely you could find the time in there to get it built. The timing is amplified by the paperwork required by BATFE to make and then transfer the SBR. As it stands now, if you were to finish it today I would not see the legally transferable SBR for another 5 to 6 months.

    I would ask that you send me an e-mail letting me know what is going on and what my options are. I could have demanded that you return the parts but I want to get this SBR built by you. I would ask that you move me to the top of the build list. Given everything, I don't think that is asking too much.

    Edit: Stan returned the parts kit.
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    Wow. 38 months? What is going on?

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