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Thread: Polymer instead of aluminum on a 10/22-good or bad?

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    most of the move to plastics is for cost-cutting and improving the bottom line.

    it probably cost a whole $1 to make that part out of metal , the injection moulder can make that part for $0.05

    and i bet they didn't pass that little savings along now did they?

    a plastic-upped 10/22 ought to retail for $99--LOL!

    a firearm made and designed for plastic has a chance to work but i don't like plastic replacement parts for metal OE parts.

    a nylon 66 or a glock is one thing a plastic ar-15 lower with plastic FCG in another ball game.

    the ruger is probably OK that said i sure as hell wouldn't buy it less it was give-away price.

    next thing they will be making plastic slides and bolts!--LOL!

    maybe hesse/vulcan will lead the way with that one--

    plastic is generally OK for furniture, but moving parts, hi-stress structural parts , fire control groups-- i avoid these like the plague!

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    HK has plastic bits in some of their newer guns. No biggie. Today's plastics are much better than yesterday's plastics.
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